Can the Seahawks snag tight end Jermichael Finley?


Nobody has it better than the Seahawks on defense. We have the best unit in the NFL by far and the vast majority of them will be returning in 2014. Michael Bennett is a big question mark but that’s about the only one. Our special teams should also return at an elite level.

If this team has a weakness it’s the offense, and that’s what John Schneider and Pete Carroll will look to improve this offseason. With that in mind, they have already gone out and signed a giant CFL wide receiver. In the draft they will likely look to bolster the depth on the offensive line.

There are also a ton of extremely talented wide receivers in this year’s draft and the Seahawks will probably grab at least one, but what about tight end?

Starter Zach Miller has two years left on his deal that will cost Seattle about $15 million more. That’s a hefty price tag for a tight end that doesn’t see a lot of targets. He is an instrumental part of Seattle’s run blocking, but cutting Miller would save the team a ton of money that it needs to bring back guys like Bennett and Golden Tate. Kellen Davis is also a free agent. If he goes that would just leave rookie Luke Willson as the lone tight end on the roster.

The team obviously likes Willson. He’s shockingly quick for his size and has great hands, but they will need some more help at the position.

Packers free agent tight end Jermichael Finley for one has said that he would be willing to play in Seattle. Owing to the neck injury that kept him out of most of 2013, Finley probably wouldn’t be as costly as you might think. A one year bargain trial deal might be a perfect fit.

On cover32’s list of the top ten free agent tight ends in the NFL, Finley comes in at number two. To see who else is on the list, click here.

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