Fred Davis is slipping into obscurity, can Redskins resign cheap?


Take note, kids, this is your career on drugs. Embattled Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis faced another setback in his free agency Wednesday after being snubbed from cover32’s top ten free agent TE list. Once a rising star with both the fanbase and franchise, Davis has struggled to see playing time in recent years due to injury and suspensions for violating the NFLPA drug policy. Most recently Davis failed a drug test in January, testing positive for marijuana, and is subject to a six game suspension for violating the substance abuse policy. Davis has been fully eclipsed by Logan Paulsen and rookie Jordan Reed, although the Redskins may attempt to resign Davis for cents on the dollar and relegate him to the practice squad. Sadly, it should be no surprise Fred Davis was not named one of top 10 TE free agents available: (READ MORE)

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