Oakland Raiders to field trade offers for Terrelle Pryor?


The Oakland Raiders have two young quarterbacks with a ton of potential on their roster. At least for now they do.

Terrelle Pryor was the quarterback to start the season for the Raiders and showed much more than almost anyone expected him to. After starting the final game of the 2012 season, it was hard to see Pryor being a starting quarterback in the NFL. He did fairly well in that game but also threw a ton of ducks. Spending his off season working with three privately hired quarterbacks coaches, Pryor showed a ton of progress and earned the right to start.

But as the season progressed, Pryor began to regress.

In January, I wrote about the fact that the Raiders very well could trade Pryor this off season. By most accounts, it appears the Raiders coaching staff would prefer a more traditional pocket passer to a mobile quarterback like Pryor. That is not to say that Pryor cannot be a pocket passer, but most of his better plays this year came when he rolled out of the pocket and threw on the move. The Raiders are also likely still unhappy about comments made by his former agent accusing head coach Dennis Allen of trying to sabotage Pryor.

While there were a lot of reasons for thinking Pryor could be traded, I wrote the story in response to Raiders beat writer Vic Tafur noting on Twitter that the Raiders would basically take whatever they can get for the young quarterback prospect, painting a rather bleak picture for how the Raiders view him.

Now, another member of the Bay Area media, Steve Corkran has backed up Tafur in stating that he believes the Raiders will indeed field offers for Pryor.

This is not surprising considering the fact that many signs point to Pryor not being with the Raiders in 2014. Plus, despite his deficiencies, Pryor is a freak of nature athletically and there will likely be a coach or general manager out there willing to give a mid to late round pick to see what Pryor can do in their colors. If Pryor is traded, expect the Raiders to bring in more than one and possibly up to three different quarterbacks to compete for the starting job this off season.

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  • Jeff

    TP is a good QB, he is not the problem, the coaches need to make plays that use his talents. It is not hard: it is called , ” west coast” Hello…