The 10 best free agent tight ends of this offseason


The Eagles don’t need a tight end right now, and are actually pretty set at the moment. Brent Celek and Zach Ertz immediately factor into their plans, while James Casey may is a special teams wizard. Casey’s situation could be one to monitor, however.

His cap hit is just south of $4 million dollars in 2014, a good chunk of money for a third-string tight end. When the Eagles signed him last offseason, they had yet to draft Ertz — who clearly factors more into their plans right now than Casey does.

If cut, the Eagles wouldn’t see any of Casey’s money go against the salary cap. The same would be the case during his contract year in 2015. Because of this, it’s hard to justify cutting him right now. Casey brings versatility to both the offense and special teams. Maybe the Eagles would look to lower his salary, though.

Now, back to the real point of this post — here are cover32’s top free agent tight ends.

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