The best WR based on draft position in Packers’ history


The Packers, at least recently, have been known to be able to draft a largely overlooked talent and develop him to become a great NFL wide receiver. So, when you’re talking about the best wide receiver to have ever been drafted by the Packers based on his draft position, there is a large field of competition. However, when looking at the career numbers that this group of low round draft picks have, the best clearly rises above the rest.

Donald Driver retired just a year ago after grabbing nearly all of the Packer’s receiving records. And having been drafted in the seventh round, pick 213 overall, not to mention the rags to riches story that is his path to the NFL, it’s quite impressive. Driver now has a statue and a street named after him in Green Bay, a sign that fans in Green Bay acknowledge, respect, and love him for his time wearing their team’s jersey.

Driver caught passes from both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers in his career, making him one of the lucky receivers in the NFL to catch passes from two great quarterbacks. He made it to three pro bowls, won a Super Bowl, and did it all with the same team. It’s rare in today’s NFL for a player to have such a lengthy NFL career and do it all with one team. It makes Driver that much more respected in the city he played for.

The Packers fans of the world will remember Driver as a player who always had a big smile on his face, was constantly available very rarely missing a start in his 14 year career, and somebody that understood, respected, and didn’t take his ability to play the game for granted.

Driver may or may not be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he will forever be enshrined inside the Packers Hall of Fame under the Atrium at Lambeau Field, as well as in the hearts and minds of Packer fans everywhere.

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  • dave

    Fire your editor: “Driver caught passes from both Brett Favre and Donald Driver in his career…”

  • Jason

    Donald driver caught passes from himself? Great editing.. Not!