Top 5: Drafted wide receivers in Colts history


From 1996 onwards, Indianapolis Colts fans have always had a mainstay at the wide receiver position. First it was Marvin Harrison then in 2001 it was Reggie Wayne manning the opposite side of the formations. Both of those men have put up numbers that will get them to the Hall Of Fame somewhere down the road.

However, Colts fans have had to endure a new look team after Week 7 of the 2013 season due to the freak injury to Reggie Wayne.

The Colts already have a quarterback in Andrew Luck that was more than capable of carrying the load, but had to venture into unknown territory in the wide receiver position.

The most notable and talented receiver on the 2013 playoff team was T.Y. Hilton who had shown flashes of greatness throughout the season, such as torching the talented Texans secondary, as well as owning the eventual Super Bowl champions the Seattle Seahawks. As the games went on, he went on being more consistent and has improved dramatically and it showed in the playoffs in a game of a lifetime for Hilton and the Colts.

At this rate, the Colts will have a true number one receiver once Reggie Wayne hangs his cleats up. People have said the Colts were spoiled with phenomenal quarterback play since 1998, now, and in the future. If Hilton becomes the next big Colts receiver, then that will be consistent great receivers the Colts would have had since 1996.

From Harrison to Wayne to Hilton.

Hilton starts off the countdown as an honorable mention to the top five receivers the Colts drafted.

Number Five: Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks was a fourth round pick by the Colts in 1986. In his rookie year, he posted up an impressive 1,131 yards with 8 touchdowns and won offensive rookie of the year.

Since then he posted respectable numbers, including leading the Colts in receiving yards 6 times, but would eventually be a benefactor in the postseason for the Buffalo Bills and not the Colts. In their quest for a Super Bowl championship in the 1993 season, and he caught 11 touchdowns in his final season with the Bills.

Brooks is the first Indianapolis Colts player to be inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor(Baltimore not included) and currently is the Executive Director of Administration for the Colts. This is noteworthy because he is the first Colts player drafted after the move from Baltimore to be in the Ring of Honor.

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