Vikings Mailbag 2-19: Free agency needs, Patterson in the offense, and 2014 draft picks


1. Free agency is starting soon. Out of all the free agents out there what one should the Vikings put the majority of their effort into. Ben-Mankaton, MN

Well Ben, we all know that the quarterback free agency this season is a joke. So obviously, the Vikings should avoid that realm of “possibilities”. If I were on the Vikings staff, I would look at the trenches first. In my previous article, I stated that if Greg Jennings stays healthy, the wide receiving core should be alright, not spectacular, but alright. The offensive line needs help, the defensive line needs help. I would focus there first. Many speculations about offensive lineman leaving their current teams have been circulating. Incognito (if he pans out after the long report that came out). Zane Beadles from the Broncos. Cooper Carlisle is already a free agent. Demetress Bell from the Cowboys. Defensive ends like Kyle Vanden Bosch and Vonnie Holliday are available. Not to mention the draft. The trenches are where they should start and span into the defensive backs.

2.How will Norv Turner use Cordarrelle Patterson? Will we see him more in the passing game? Aaron-Rochester, MN

It’s hard to say how Patterson will be used this season. He truly is a talent in special teams, we all know that, which of course is where he will remain. But if his speed is used in the same way in the passing game, he could be one of the most dangerous threats in the NFL. He needs help to get open. It will all depend on his fellow receiving core. Can they lure safeties to the middle of the field? Can they take linebackers off of their responsibilities on short out routes and button hooks? If that can be done, then Turner will most certainly use him as an offensive deep threat that could turn him into a big playmaker every game. It will also depend on the strength of the quarterback and the line protecting him.

3. How likely is it that the Vikings will trade out of the eighth spot? Ryan-St. Paul, MN

I think it is extremely likely. The Vikings need more help in more positions than many other teams. It is a deep draft this season, the more picks the better. Even if they trade their eighth pick for a lower first round and another third round pick, it could prove beneficial in many different aspects. I can, just as equally, see the Vikings keeping their pick to get a high profile player. Unless they stick around for a quarterback though, I can easily see them trading for more picks.

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