2013 draft class review: buried treasure


New general manager, new head coach and soon to be new uniforms.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are enduring colossal changes inside and out. After a 4-12 season dealing with a disgruntled quarterback, dubious coaching direction and talent, the team is sure to re-evaluate players and focus on the future of the team.

New general manager Jason Licht has said publicly that his personal philosophy is to build the team through the draft. The imminent draft will hold apprehension, thrill, and hope as the first group of players in the ‘Licht-Era.’ The new draftees will certainly create hype and comparison to the 2013 draft class. Last years draft class will surely be under close watch by fans and coaches alike.

Which implores the question, who has underachieved for the Bucs during their short yearlong stint so far?

The Bucs draft class is widely known for their pick of quarterback Mike Glennon in the third round who is now the starter and has a bright outlook as the possible franchise quarterback. Even the Bucs first selection of the draft, Johnathan Banks, a second round selection contributed by competing in all 16 games this season while recording 55 tackles, 6 pass deflections and 3 interceptions. The other rookies had steep competition to outshine in order to stand out since those two players caused opposing coaches many sleepless nights.

So the question that everyone is pondering, who was the worst pick of a respectable draft class?

Appraising all of the picks has led to an obvious conclusion. Round 5 pick 147, defensive end Steven Means takes the label for the most dissatisfying Buccaneers draft pick of 2013.

Means can be related to an empty treasure chest. Promising on the outside, but filled up with nothing but cobwebs and frustration.

Means participated in 10 games for the Bucs, recording just five tackles in total.

In his defense, Means is the second string behind the 2011 first round gem Adrian Clayborn, who will have to produce a prodigious year if he wants to keep his position with the team as starting defensive end, especially with defensive minded coaches taking control.

Much like all NFL Drafts, there were some buried treasures taken in the fifth round including wide receiver Kenny Stills at 144, running back Zac Stacy at 160, and offensive lineman Jordan Mills at 163.

In contrast to the rest of the defensive ends taken in the 2013 NFL Draft, Steven Means isn’t a regretful selection for a fifth round pick.

Out of 33 defensive ends drafted, Steven played in more games than 15 of them while being the 19th end selected. Making the worst pick of the Buccaneers 2013 Draft, not so bad compared to the fools gold that afflicted other teams.

Means signed a four-year contract priced at $2,351,752 with an average salary of $587,938 and is only guaranteed $191,752. He is due to become a free agent by 2017.


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