Andre Johnson leads Houston Texans’ Mount Rushmore


Today on Cover32, the list of each NFL team’s Mount Rushmore was released.

Leading the Texans was Wide Receiver Andre Johnson, who is no doubt the franchise’s greatest all time player. Without a doubt, his name deserves to be on here. Johnson has played 11 seasons for Houston, and has 927 career receptions for 12,661 yards and 61 touchdowns. Johnson has displayed loyalty and plenty of leadership as a Texan. His name on here is very well deserved.

Second on the list is Mario Williams, the former first overall pick played six seasons with the Texans. The defensive linebacker had 53 sacks and 11 forced fumbles with the Texans. His major strength as a pass rusher and his blazing speed always made him a player opposing quarterbacks always feared. Williams is without a doubt the best player to play defense for the Texans and was very consistent. Cover32’s Carl Pfeiffer made the right choice putting Williams here.

Next on the list is quarterback Matt Schaub.

Is this choice controversial? Although at first glance it may seem like it due to Schaub’s horrific 2013 campaign, he is the greatest quarterback in team history. It’s safe to say he earned his place here.

Schaub holds the Texans records with completed passes (1,951,) completion percentage (64.6%,) passing yards (23,221,) touchdown passes (124,) and Passer Rating (90.88,). Schaub brought the Texans to the playoffs once, but before his season-ending injury in 2011, he had turned the Texans into one of the AFC’s best teams. Even though he’s likely going to be released by the Texans, the fact he put up the stats and turned around a laughingstock franchise means Schaub earned his spot on year.

Next on the list is J.J. Watt, the Texans defensive tackle who’s a machine in the pass-rush and running game on their defensive line. Although Watt is arguably the best defensive player in the league, and he will likely find his place on the Texan’s Mount Rushmore, running back Arian Foster is more deserving so far than Watt.

The main reason is Watt’s played three seasons with Houston while Foster has played five. Foster has 5,063 rushing yards and 45 rushing touchdowns with the Texans. When healthy, Foster is without a doubt a top-three running back in the league. He’s also been very productive in the passing game, with 189 catches for 1,714 yards and seven touchdown receptions.

Texans Fans, who should be on Houston’s Mount Rushmore? Do Johnson, Williams and Schaub deserve places? Who should be on it between Foster and Watt?

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