Arizona Cardinals offseason predictions


The excitement is starting to build in the NFL offseason. The scouting combine is underway and free agency is just around the corner. The NFL offseason is quite different than any other sport, because there really isn’t much of an offseason. The league does a terrific job of keeping their rabid fan base interested throughout the offseason and this year they moved the draft back into May to prolong the build up. There is one other major reason that they NFL has the most exciting offseason. Hope.

What makes the NFL so popular is the parity that the league has created. Each year several teams make the playoffs that weren’t there the year before. There is often a worst-to-first storyline to follow, occasionally even a first-to-worst, or two. I’m looking at you Atlanta and Houston. This creates real hope for the average NFL fan that their favorite team will be able to turn it around and be a contender with one good offseason, and they’re right. It can and does happen, seemingly every year. Could this be the year for the Cardinals?

The Cardinals are coming off a 10-6 year that surprised most experts and even most Cardinals fans. They have a good foundation to build on and with a few additions can compete with the best teams in the NFL. Two of those teams are in the Cardinals division, so they have little margin for error. With that in mind the Cardinals need to swing for the fences this offseason to be able to take the next step in their journey to become a playoff contender.

One fun aspect of the NFL offseason is trying to predict what will happen in free agency and the draft. It’s always interesting to read all of the experts mock drafts and see how close they really are when it’s all said and done. There are always surprises when it comes to predictions, and I think the Cardinals will be one of the teams that surprise this offseason. Here are some of my predictions for the team.

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  • Linda Westbrook

    Great article!!! Very interesting analysis!!!

  • Felix Macias

    Got to keep Dansby,,Why let him go now??,

  • Brandon Shipley

    Thanks Linda! Felix, I think he will get a bigger offer elsewhere. The Cardinals have 2nd round pick Kevin Minter waiting in the wings and could easily draft another inside linebacker due to the unknown future of Daryl Washington. Just my prediction, not my advice.