Bust City: Indy’s worst receivers in draft history


We all know with great risk can come great reward. But sometimes those risks do not work out and you end up with nothing.

That is what happens come every draft day in the NFL. Some players will turn out to be what you expected,some will surprise you and turn out better, and some will bellow bellow expectations and be labeled a bust.

The Indianapolis Colts have had luck in the department of wide receivers in the draft with the likes of Marvin Harrison, Raymond Berry, and Reggie Wayne, but are not completely flawless.

We have put together a list of the top 5 all times busts at receiver for the Colts.

Number Five: E.G. Green.

Green was selected in the third round in the 1998 draft to come in a help a rookie named Peyton Manning develop faster. Usually a player that was drafted 71st overall would be hard to be labeled a bust, but with the circumstances on which he was drafted in order to come in and help Manning changes this here.

Green finished his very brief career with playing in 29 games(4 starts) with 54 receptions for 665 yards and a mere 2 touchdowns.

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