Colt’s Mount Rushmore: Can the Colts really leave off Johnny U?


So Indianapolis Colts fans, have you read the latest cover32 article on each team’s Mount Rushmore? If you have not, go ahead and check it out HERE and see who landed on the mountain for the Colts.

Now before you say anything make sure you understand the rules for this one.

Basically the whole Colts history was invalid for this term. Meaning that any player that played in Baltimore for the Colts is nonexempt for this piece.

As you know we released our personal Colt’s Mount Rushmore last week with two players from that era, Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry. I understand wanting to not mix teams, but in this case the organization never folded and changed names and towns like the infamous Cleveland Browns.They stayed, players, coaches, personnel, and all.

Oh by the way, the original Browns players are on there such as the iconic Jim Brown. So in a way there is no reason as to why Unitas should be ineligible.

So can you really leave off one of the NFL’s all time faces of the game in Johnny Unitas? No you shouldn’t, and you can’t.

You can argue with Dwight Freeney being on there as he was one of the cornerstones of the Colt’s defense for over a decade, but I cannot and will not put him ahead of Unitas.

As for Jeff Saturday? The man was an all pro center and six time pro bowler, and has an outside chance of getting into the Hall Of Fame, so I do not have a problem with him up on this list, but again I would not put him ahead of Berry who was a first ballot Hall Of Fame inductee.

As for Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, of course I agree. They were on my list last week, and there is no arguing on what the two did for the Colts and the city of Indianapolis.

Voice your opinion bellow on your thoughts and even your own version of the Colt’s Mount Rushmore.

In the meantime check out our original Mount Rushmore here.


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