Do you agree with this assessment of what the Giants' Mount Rushmore would look like?


There has been an awful lot of talk about “Mt. Rushmore” in sports these days and cover32’s own Carl Pfeiffer took his turn at constructing the Mt. Rushmore for all 32 NFL teams today. Now there’s no question, many of his choices are debatable, but when it comes to his picks for the New York Giants, Pfeiffer appears to be spot on.

Here are the four players he chose for Big Blue:

LB Lawrence Taylor
– Read the first 20 pages of the book or watch the first four minutes of the movie “The Blind Side” and you’ll know why Taylor is the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL.


QB Eli Manning
– In most cities they would have already built statues and named streets after the player who quarterbacked their team to two Super Bowl victories, was the MVP of both, and engineered one of the greatest upsets in modern sports history.


RB Frank Gifford
– Kathy Lee’s husband went to eight Pro Bowls, played three different positions and was an MVP.


DE Michael Strahan
– Giants All-Time leader in sacks, defensive player of the year twice and set the single season record for sacks. And along the way made the Pro Bowl seven times.

Do you agree with the choices Pfeiffer has made? Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know who you think would have their face on the Giants’ Mount Rushmore!

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  • Ctgc

    I’d replace Strahan with Bill Parcells. He turned a sorry loser franchise around to a franchise that for the past 25 yrs expects to win.

    • Lou Musto

      Any time I’ve ever had this discussion, Parcells and Strahan always seem to be the two interchangeable pieces people can’t decide on. It’s interesting. Parcells wasn’t around for long, but what he did reshaped the entire franchise. You can’t deny how outstanding Strahan was though. Easily one of the best pass rushers in NFL history. It’s a toss up.