No Sean Payton on Saints' Mount Rushmore?


On Thursday cover32’s Carl Pfeiffer released his ‘Mount Rushmore’s’ for all 32 NFL teams, essentially picking the four most influential faces in each organization’s history to place on an ornamental bust.

Pfeiffer’s display includes: Drew Brees, Deuce McAllister, Willie Roaf, and Ricky Jackson.

Assuming the pool of faces chosen includes only players, then you can have no qualms with Pfieffer’s decision. Arguments could be made for guys like Archie Manning, Joe Horn, and Jimmy Graham; however, each comes with his own baggage that would make it easy to discount them in favor of the aforementioned four.

The only issue I take with Pfeiffer’s choices is the absence of current Saints’ coach Sean Payton. Like I said, I assume the reason he is left out is because Pfeiffer has only chosen from players and not coaches (which would also be the reason a guy like Vince Lombardi didn’t make the Packers’ Rushmore).

But at the end of the day, is their a coach that has meant more to a city than Sean Payton to New Orleans? Payton not only brought the first Super Bowl championship to the Big Easy, but along with Drew Brees he helped the city get back on its feet after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In the grand scheme of things, Payton has meant more to the Saints and the city they represent than most coaches in NFL history (save perhaps Lombardi).

From a pool of players only, Pfeiffer hit the nail on the head with his list; however, Sean Payton is more than deserving of such a hallowed place in Saints history.

To see who Pfeiffer put on the Mount Rushmore’s of the other 31 teams, click here.

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