Oakland Raiders: Five worst moves by Reggie McKenzie


The Oakland Raiders are about to enter their third off season with Reggie McKenzie running football operations. While the first two off seasons provided plenty of story lines and drama, it will be nothing compared to this off season.

The Raiders are about to enter one of, if not the most important off season in franchise history. After two painful years of purging bad contracts in order to free up cap space, the Raiders will enter the off season with the most cap space of any team in the NFL.

But before they do, let’s take a look back at what McKenzie has done for the Raiders in his first two seasons. Clearly he was hampered by what he had to work with, but with that in mind, here are the five worst roster moves he has made as a general manager. (You can read about the five best moves he has made here).

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  • Rayders

    Your #3 move says the Raiders drafted Bergstrom, but he was actually drafted in the 3rd round compensatory pick (pick 95) in the 2012 draft. Still a pretty lame pick, but not nearly as lame as if he had been drafted in round 2.

    • James Arcellana

      Nice catch, thanks. Definitely knew that and just goofed when writing. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Also Berstrom was a fit for zone scheme at the time. Flynn wasnt seen as bad because we needed a Qb and off-season before he was sought after. Hayden to early to say

  • NoMoreReggie

    #1 – Hiring Dennis Allen
    #2 – Not firing Dennis Allen after 2013

    • Danny

      5 different QBs and only 1 returning starter on defense last year. What was Allen suppose to do with such high turnover each year? These next 2 seasons will be critical but no way can you fire Allen after the last 2 seasons

    • NixAllen

      I’m with you on that. Dennis Allen hasn’t proved capable of much in two years as HC.

  • NoMoreReggie

    #3 – His entire drafting up to this point
    #4 – Every trade he’s made, including trading Carson Palmer for NOTHING, then wasting picks on Matt Flynn

    #5 – Not firing himself after the last 2 years

  • Independent Mind

    I’m sorry but it wasn’t hindsight when it came to trading for Flynn. His stint in Seattle proved what a FA bust he was, and 99%(the 1% I knew don’t watch games) of Raider fans I know knew he would suck eggs

  • Danny

    Reggie and Allen have had 2 years. That is way too early to make a judgement. Yes, he whiffed on Wilson and Flynn but we still don’t know about Hayden. If he comes out next year and tears it up will each of you admit you were wrong?

  • davis bellinsk

    Reggie will probably have an “austerity” draft again this year. There is an old saying in economics: “seek austerity; find austerity.” Reggie will seek austerity in the draft, and find austerity in the win column. Again. Say hello to another 4 or less win season. I can’t imagine anybody watching this sorry display of Clown League level of play. I hear these bums are may move to Portland. Sorry, Portland, but if you want these losers, good riddance. An expansion team would get to the playoffs much faster than these clowns. I know the Raiders are playing… cause they CAN’T BE SERIOUS!