Oakland Raiders: Five best moves by Reggie McKenzie


This may be one of the most important off seasons in franchise history for the Oakland Raiders. With general manager Reggie McKenzie entering his third season as the leader of an NFL team’s fooball operations it seems a fitting time to take a look at what he has done while in office. Earlier I posted a list of theĀ five worst moves by McKenzie.

But while he has received a lot of heat for the poor rosters that the Raiders have put together, not all he has done was bad. Despite being faced with nearly impossible odds stemming from a lack of draft picks and cap space, McKenzie did admirably at times, signing some talented players for good price tags.

So without further ado, here is a list of the five best moves he has made as general manager:

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  • samiam2112

    One of the biggest moves was cutting Rolando McLain, that was the precedence that sent a clear message that the culture is changing.

  • cody martincic

    not bringing woodson back? hes a legend and he poured his heart out for the team all season long

  • NixAllen

    Mr. Arcellana,
    Did ReggieMcKenzie submit this top 5 list to you? Unfortunately, this list pales in comparison to the 5 WORST moves that has crippled the Raiders.