Raiders need a QB, could it be you? Take the wonderlic to see how you fare


The Oakland Raiders are looking for their quarterback of the future and as all of us know, combine time means time to discuss how various players fared on the wonderlic test. If you have not heard of it, you have clearly been living in an NFL Network free cave somewhere. The wonderlic is a standardized test that is commonly used in work places all over America to determine an applicants aptitude.

Personally, I think most standardized tests only show off how prepared a given person is for the tactics of that particular test, but NFL teams continue to put weight in the rather odd and often times irrelevant questions posed in the test. So since everyone in the NFL will be talking about wonderlic scores in the near future, we wanted to give everyone a chance to take their own wonderlic and see how they compare to some of the players that the Raiders may be drafting in May.

As some reference points, two of the highest scores ever received were by Harvard graduates quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (18) and punter Pat McInally (perfect 50). Obviously, scores aren’t everything in the NFL though. Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco scored a 26 and AJ Green scored a 10.

So without further ado, go ahead and take the test for yourself to see where you sit.


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