Shield your eyes as we unveil the worst wide receiver the St. Louis Rams have ever drafted


Yesterday, we unveiled the best wide receiver the Rams have ever drafted.

I had a lot of fun writing it, as nostalgia seeped from my pores as I detailed the breakdown between Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt.

Today, though, we must take a trip to the dark side and cover the worst wide receiver the Rams have ever drafted.

Again, I’m only considering guys drafted in the third round or earlier – i.e. guys who were expected to come right in and contribute to the team.

Therefore, my candidate for the worst wide receiver the Rams have ever drafted is an easy choice. He was drafted in the third round, 95th overall, of the 2002 NFL draft, and he quit the team two days before his first regular season.

I’m referring of course to former Heisman winning quarterback-turned-receiver Eric Crouch. The Rams have drafted lots of disappointing receivers over the years – including a certain someone on the current roster – but none have bombed as badly as Crouch, who fizzled out of the NFL almost as quickly as another early 2000s college football star, Maurice Clarett.

For what it’s worth, Crouch seems to have matured and regrets his abrupt decision. But that doesn’t let him off the hook as the worst receiver the Rams have ever drafted.

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    Hey it wasn’t his fault. He knew he wasn’t a receiver. This was just as bad as them drafting those 2 TE’s