Take the Wonderlic Test to see how you stack up against NFL prospects


Each year at the NFL Combine, prospects are summoned for a period of time to take what is known as the Wonderlic Test, an IQ test for football players if you will, that gives teams a sense of their mental smarts. This is one test where players won’t be relying on their physical traits to help them. They’re given a set of 50 questions that must answer in, get this, 12 minutes. They can’t use their phones, a calculator or anything that could help them solve a problem, just their good ol’ brain.

A few days ago, Bleacher Report posted a sample set of questions. They came from FootballIQScore.com, a site that provides sample IQ questions similar to those in the Wonderlic Test.

Instead of just re-posting the questions to the site, we created an online quiz with the same questions. This way, it’s easier to do and you won’t have to grade it yourself.

Here are the rules — you have six minutes to complete all 25 questions. Each question is worth two points, and your final score will give you a good idea of what your result would be on the real Wonderlic Test. You only get one chance, and you can’t pause the quiz. You can use pencil and paper to work out some math problems.

Below are how some current NFL players have fared. Former punter (and Harvard graduate) Pat McInally is the only player to have achieved a perfect score of 50. He did so back in 1975.

NFL Player Results

Ryan Fitzpatrick (48)
Eric Decker (43)
Calvin Johnson (41)
Tony Romo (37)
Aaron Rodgers (35)
Nick Foles (29)
Robert Griffin III (24)
Adrian Peterson (16)
Chris Johnson (10)
Vince Young (6)

If you’re interested in seeing how you stack up against current NFL players, click the link below to an online quiz we created with all 25 questions. We’ll be shouting out the top scorers once the combine is over and some prospect results have been made public.

Take Sample Wonderlic Test

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