Are you smarter than Robert Griffin III? (I know I am)


The Wonderlic Test is one of the more interesting components to the NFL scouting combine. An assessment with absolutely nothing to do with physical ability, players are given a set of 50 questions that need to be answered in under 12 minutes. They can’t use a phone, calculator or anything that could help them solve a problem.

A few days ago, Bleacher Report posted a sample set of questions. They came from, a site that provides sample IQ questions similar to those in the Wonderlic Test.

Instead of just re-posting the questions to the site, cover32 Philadelphia editor Troy Weller created an online quiz with the same questions. This way, it’s easier to do and you won’t have to grade it yourself.

You’ll have six minutes to complete 25 questions. Questions are worth two points each, and your final score will give approximate your result for the real Wonderlic Test. You only get one chance, and you can’t pause the quiz. Questions range from simple grammar and vocabulary questions to complex logic and math problems. Be sure you’ve used the bathroom and have a pencil and paper handy for the tougher questions.

For the record I did this ten minutes after I woke up, fresh off a bowl hit, pre-coffee, and with no pen or paper; it’s a damn hard test, afterwards I questioned my cognitive ability. How can such simple questions be so hard to conceptualize and answer. I feel for Vince Young. who scored a six, and for the Tennessee Titans executives, who scored a two for still drafting a quarterback with an IQ score lower than a limbo bar. However, I tallied a 30, eking out our own Robert Griffin III, which made me feel both better and worse at the same time. I mean, it just took me three months to realize I could fill up my cup in the bathroom sink at night rather than walk through the cold, dark hallway to the kitchen.

Below are how some current NFL players have fared. Former punter (and Harvard grad) Pat McInally is the only player to have achieved a perfect score of 50. He did so back in 1975.

NFL Player Results

Ryan Fitzpatrick (48)
Eric Decker (43)
Calvin Johnson (41)
Tony Romo (37)
Aaron Rodgers (35)
Nick Foles (29)
Robert Griffin III (24)
Adrian Peterson (16)
Chris Johnson (10)
Vince Young (6)

Since embedding is tough around here, click the below link to an online quiz we created with all 25 questions. We’ll be shouting out the top scorers once the combine is over and some prospect results have been made public.

Click here to take the test

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