Check out who made our cover32 St. Louis Rams Mount Rushmore


LeBron James recently created a bit of a stir, albeit a very silly one, when he named the four guys he would put on his NBA Mount Rushmore. This got one of our staff writers at cover32, Carl Pfeiffer, thinking about who should be on each NFL team’s Mount Rushmore.

Pfeiffer’s rules:

1. A player can only appear on the list once. For example: Reggie White cannot appear on the Packers and the Eagles mountain.

2. Only players who played for the current 32 franchises are eligible. Sorry Los Angeles Rams, Houston Oilers, Baltimore Colts or St Louis Cardinals, for this list you don’t exist.

3. Only one position can be represented on a team’s list. While Montana/Young, Smith/Dorsett, Greise/Marino are all Hall of Famers, one beats out the other.

4. Each team’s list must contain at least one offensive and one defensive player.

Now, head on over and check it out yourself. If you’d like to skip straight to the Rams’ Mount Rushmore, click here.

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  • Bill Pedroza

    Instead of pretending Los Angeles Rams Didn’t Matter. Include them in your M.R. and include the other cities who have a history with the NFL. The :New NFL Ownership” a bunch of self-indulgent S.of B’s.