Chiseling the Arizona Cardinals Mount Rushmore


Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of the Arizona Cardinals franchise?

Carl Pfeiffer of has done just that and he has an interesting foursome for Arizona. The only restriction on the monument was that there had to be at least one offensive player and one defensive player.

His list is as follows:

CB Aeneas Williams
– Totaled 46 interceptions, was named to six Pro Bowls and famously ended quarterback Steve Young’s career.

WR Larry Fitzgerald
– Holds every important Cardinals receiving record and is far from being done. He is their all-time leader in career receiving yards, career receiving touchdowns, career receptions, most seasons with 1,000 receiving yards, most seasons with 10+ receiving touchdowns.  And, think about some of the quarterbacks he’s had to play with.

S Pat Tillman
– If you don’t know his story, go read it!

FB Larry Centers
– Caught 535 passes and will go down in history as the best receiving fullback of all time.

The question is how many of them do you agree with?

Tillman stands out to me for the wrong reason. In his four-year career he recorded 238 tackles and three interceptions. Those numbers look rather unimpressive on the field.

We all know what happened to him off of the field when he decided to join the military and was killed in Afghanistan April 22, 2004 by friendly fire. He joined the military in 2002 after the 9/11 attacks and served several combat tours in Afghanistan.

But does he belong on Arizona’s Mount Rushmore?

Defensive back Larry Wilson made eight Pro Bowls and fellow defensive back Roger Wherli made seven of them himself. Running back Ollie Matson made six Pro Bowl teams and was a five-team First Team All-Pro. Offensive lineman Dan Dierdorf was a three-time All-Pro and a six-time Pro Bowl selection.

If you take Tillman off, who would you replace him with? Discuss in the comments below.

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