Colt’s GM Ryan Grigson: I would do Trent Richardson trade again


It is no surprise that to this date the Indianapolis Colts trade to the Cleveland Browns for Trent Richardson has not panned out, and with Richardson’s recent shoulder surgery it has many questioning if the move was a giant mistake.

Today at the NFL Scouting Combine Grigson was asked if he would do it all over again today. His answer was “Yes.”. Quick and to the point. He also went on to say about Richardson ” tough, good, talented football player with a broad skill set.”

Grigson has had to hear critisim since mid October on the trade ever since Richardson was being outplayed by Donald Brown.

Brown rushed for 537 yards on a 5.3 average, which dominated in comparison to Richardson’s 458 yards at a 2.9 per carry average.

Grigson remains strong on his belief that the deal will eventually work in the Colts favor, but for now it has cost them a valuable first round pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Something the Colts could use to strengthen the offensive line.

With Richardson recently having shoulder surgery it is imparative that he still be able to have a full offseason with the Colts to finally learn the entire offense and be prepared as much as possible going into the 2014 season.


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  • SteveQ

    Bad trade by the Colts