Finley’s future with the Packers: McCarthy says there may be one.


At one point he lay motionless on the playing field, and all of Packer Nation held their breath. Since, he’s been the topic of much debate, not just his future with the Packers, but a future in the NFL at all. It seemed like a long shot that we’d see Jermichael Finley back in a Packer uniform ever again. But, in an interview during his break at the NFL scouting combine, Packers coach Mike McCarthy shed some positive light on the talented Tight End’s future with Green Bay.

After suffering a concussion and spinal cord contusion on October 20th against the Cleveland Browns, Finley underwent season ending surgery on his neck, fusing his C-3 and C-4 vertebra together. A similar injury and subsequent surgery ended the season of Nick Collins in 2011, and he has not played since. Many believed the same fate would fall on Finley.

Mike McCarthy said that the Packers team doctor, Dr. Pat McKenzie views Finley’s injury and Collins’ injury differently, however.

“Pat doesn’t feel the same way about Jermichael as he felt about Nickā€¦ So I’m very open and optimistic about Jermichael coming back.” said McCarthy in the interview.

Finley enters free agency on March 11, and it was thought that the Packers would not be in the market to re-sign him due to injury risk. Finley’s future with the Packers now looks like a realistic possibility. Without Finley the Packers would be down to four tight ends, none of which has much experience in the Packers offense, and none of which possess the raw physical and playmaking ability of Finley.

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