Former Eagles wideout Terrell Owens gets "roasted"


Terrell Owens was back in Philadelphia last night. And no, he wasn’t doing crunches in a residential driveway.

Owens was in town for the first annual Philly Sports Roast, taking the brunt of the jokes from various presenters. The event was hosted over at the Crystal Tea Room, and all proceeds went to local charities.

A sound group of Philadelphia faces turned out for the event — from old teammates Hollis Thomas and Jon Runyan to former mayor Ed Rendell, many came to reflected back on T.O.’s time in Eagles green. If you’re familiar with Comedy Central’s format for a Roast, the event seemed to take on a similar undertone as that. It was hosted by comedian and Philly native, Joe Conklin.

Here’s a picture of Owens atop his throne, in all his glory.

As of now, I haven’t seen any video of the event outside of a few Vines. Once I can grab a hold of something, we’ll be sure to link to it.

It appears as though Owens was a good sport about it all, and was happy to have been back for the night.

Almost fittingly, any Owens-related happenings wouldn’t be complete without Donovan McNabb’s name popping up somewhere. Nothing screams nightcap quite like an inadvertent McNabb HOT TAKE!!!!

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Owens voiced his displeasure with the fact that many players in today’s game were getting in trouble, yet still were given other chances while he hasn’t had a job in years. McNabb was on Fox Sports Live’s “One Timers” segment last night, and suggested that his former teammate needed to “let it go”.

I think Donovan’s just a bit jealous that he can’t move like T.O. can, despite being younger than his former wideout. He can be so bitter when he doesn’t have his Chunky soup for dinner.

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