Rich Gannon: Raiders not ready for a young QB


The last Oakland Raiders quarterback to do anything of significance with the team was the guy who took them to the Super Bowl in 2002, Rich Gannon. Now, as the Raiders continue their decade long search for his replacement, Gannon has weighed in on one of the guys the Raiders could possibly take with the 5th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.

When asked about whether or not Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel would be a good fit for the Raiders, Gannon said that he wasn’t. But what is more interesting is WHY Gannon said that he was not a fit.

Rather than commenting on something specific to Manziel, Gannon made an overarching statement about the Raiders in general saying “I think a team has to be ready for a young quarterback. I don’t think that team is quite ready yet.” Following that logic, Gannon probably does not like the idea of the Raiders taking any quarterback with the number five pick in the draft.

Gannon’s stance makes some sense but also does not make sense. Pretty much any team looking for a quarterback high in the NFL Draft is probably not ready for a young guy to be thrown into the fire. But at the same time, that does not necessarily make any of them a bad fit. What it means is that the team may want to sit a young quarterback for a year or else go out of its way to sign supporting cast members in free agency.

It is true, the Raiders could ruin a young quarterback by throwing them to the fire behind a terrible offensive line. But that does not mean they should pass on a guy high in the draft if they truly believe he could be the future. They just need to exhibit patience with anyone they draft as a potential future franchise quarterback.

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  • wishbone

    I think what Mr. Gannon may also be “implying” is that the Raiders don’t have competent enough a head coach to handle bringing in new, young talent. After two years of relative failure and blaming everyone under the sun…except the head coach’s ineptitude, it would be murder on a young talent to confuse this on-the-job silver-spooned kid coach, Allen, with any more confusion/challenge than he’s already not handled. If a vet coach could yonug quaterback be brought in? Possible. But this guy–no way. And Amy Trask nailed it per him and McKenzie… they kept changing the narrative as things didn’t work out…. AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT! Holding onto jobs when much better men were out there jobless… including Cable and Hugh Jackson… each man winning more games in one season than this excuse won in two. All Allen and McKenzie offered were excuses. So…best bet? Hire a vet quarterbak to help them hold onto their jobs another year. Right now the Raiders hurt…their fans. This kid doesn’t even feel like a Raider coach. Even Kiffin felt more like a Raider than this guy. Sad…because it is all political maneuvering… Mckenzie hires this kid so he won’t get challenged by an experienced coach… and we all suffer. He chooses a VETERAN quarterback(Flynnex-Green Bay/Seattle)… who doesn’t work out… and turns the conversation to problems with the one he traded(Palmer)–per salary… who, incidentally… led a big turnaround in Arizona. Best thing that can happen… GET RID OF ALLEN…. and a bonus would be McKenzie… but I suspect Al’s kid has been snowed for at least another year. Maybe he should give Amy Trask a call. She was good enough for his father… and her call on McKenzie and his boy… right on the money. Meantime, Raiders would be better off with even Gannon…or ANY number of ex-Raiders as coaches, as this kid. They could do on-the-job training too. Difference is…they’d at least “feel” like Raider coaches while learning.