Surprises in store for Atlanta’s Mt. Rushmore


Recently a staff member at cover32 broke down the Mt. Rushmore of every NFL team. Atlanta comes in with some surprises at the top. Allow me to tell you who is not there: no current players, no Terrance Mathis, no Michael Turner, not even Jamal Anderson (the dirty bird himself), or Keith Brooking. In fact, some of the big heads selected may require you to dig deep in Falcon lore to fully appreciate their selection. Check out who made the list HERE! Do you agree with who is sitting atop Atlanta’s Mt. Rushmore?

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  • BW

    How does DE and Falcons all time sack leader. the BIG Claude Humphrey just get elected to the Hall of Fame in 2014 but not be 1 of 4 Falcons on its MT Rushmore?…SMDH!!!