If the Tennessee Titans are dumping CJ, what’s taking so long?


It seems like a forgone conclusion that Chris Johnson is on his way out of Tennessee. The only question is why that hasn’t already been done?

Are the Titans holding Johnson in hopes that he takes less coming off knee surgery? Trading the elite back seems out of the question due to his massive salary. Maybe Tennessee is waiting to draft his successor in the draft, then will let him walk.

Whatever the reason is, their comments, as a team have been extremely confusing.

The Titans have said repeatedly that there’s no deadline for a decision and they’ll take their time in discussing options. That’s a non-answer and makes the team appear undecided on what to do with him.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans will at least begin the process this week.

Hopefully, we’ll have answers sooner rather than later.

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