The New England Patriots Mount Rushmore: Agree or Disagree?


Following the spirited debate between Bill Russell and LeBron James regarding the “Mount Rushmore” of NBA players, our very own Carl Pheiffer took it upon himself to break down the four most important players for each NFL team.

QB Tom Brady
– Could any of you argue for Steve Grogan, Tony Eason, Drew Bledsoe or Jim Plunkett? Neither could I.


NT Vince Wolfork
– As a Bills fan I have been watching Wolfork destroy offensive lines for the better part of a decade. I look on the all-time Patriot lists and he’s never in the top-5. Are you kidding me? Hey, New England, I know you are dazzled by Tom Brady’s stats, but do you understand how important Wolfork has been to your defense?


OG John Hannah
– Do you want to know how good John Hannah was? He was a member of the All-70s team, the All-80s team and the NFL 75th Anniversary Team. Yes, he was that good.


LB Andre Tippett
– It’s really too bad he played in the same era as Lawrence Taylor because he too was that good.

Check out the full list here, and let us know which of your favorite Patriots players are missing. Should fan favorites Tedy Bruschi and Matt Light be included over John Hannah and Andre Tippet? After all, if the Manning-Brady debate has proven anything over the years it is that Patriots fans value championship rings above all else.

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