Who would be on the Minnesota Vikings “Mount Rushmore”?


cover32’s Carl Pfeiffer created a Mount Rushmore for all 32 NFL teams. Looking at who he put on the Minnesota Vikings Mount Rushmore had me thinking about who else could be up there and if any of those players should be replaced.

Three of the players are no brainers.

Cris Carter: The number two receiver of all time, just behind Jerry Rice. Carter perfected the sideline catch.

Fran Tarkenton: The best quarterback in Vikings history. Led the team to three Super Bowls and held almost every passing record when he retired.

Alan Page: Page is arguably the best defensive player in the team’s history. Page was the first defensive player to be named league MVP and was named defensive player of the year twice.

John Randle: This is where I hesitate with Pfeiffer’s judgement. While Randle was spectacular in the middle of many weak Vikings defenses, there are quite a few players I would put on our Mount Rushmore first.

What do you think of this list? Who would you take off, and who would you replace them with?

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  • Gene

    Tarkenton, Page, Peterson, Carter

  • str8tshtr

    Paul Krause