Five free agent interior linemen who the Jaguars should target


The NFL combine is underway which brings an exciting time for all avid football fans–regardless of who they root for. Many people will enjoy the combine weekend as scouts and NFL personnel look for that next “Diamond in the Rough” to shoot up draft boards. With the coming of the combine, it’s just another event on the NFL offseason schedule that will soon pass, but not without bringing the excitement to many fans that come with free agency which is quickly approaching.

Jaguar fans must be some of the most excited people looking toward free agency, and rightfully so. The Jags are one of a few teams that experts consider needing upgrades in a majority of the positions on the football field. While this may be true, fans have no need to fear, as the Jaguars, financially, are in one of the best spots to be out of any NFL team this offseason. While numbers will vary depending on whom you listen too, the general consensus is that the Jaguars will have over $54 million in cap room. Fans have something to look forward too especially with the front office coming out this offseason and publicly stating they see free agency as a vital point where the Jaguars can improve in many areas.

While the Draft remains as GM Dave Caldwell’s number one tool to upgrade the team, he isn’t totally closed to free agency. One of the positions fans speculate the team will upgrade through free agency is the interior linemen. Starting at center, we all saw an emotional Brad Meester commit to his last few snaps of his 14-year career. It will be difficult for this team to replace a guy like Brad Meester both skill wise and personality wise around the community.

The Jaguars also need help at the guard position. Will Rackley is just not able to stay healthy and when he is healthy he isn’t very good. Rackley ended the season on the IR and his replacement, Jacques McClendon, was just a stopgap. On the other side of the line, Uche Nwaneri has had his bright moments and while the right guard position may be of least concern to Jaguars among the interior line, the Jaguars are still looking for someone who can consistently play well.

Here is a look at a few centers and guards the Jags may look at in Free agency.

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  • Craig Lemminn

    Awesome Job!- Great insight!

    • Eric Walker

      You must be his dad you have an extremely intelligent son. Its good to see young generation interested in the jaguars.

      • Craig Lemminn

        Eric, I am his Dad and Thanks for the kind words! At 15 years old he saved up enough money to buy his own season tickets that’s how passionate he is about he Jags. Both his Mom and I are vey proud of him. He came home from college for every home game this past year and got his some of his buddies and families to get season ticket too. Looking forward to the draft and a start to a great new season for the Jags and hopefully a new era for it’s fans and the City!

    • Grant Gunderson

      Great insight indeed… I knew I made the right decision in bringing Justin on board, he’s someone who’s passionate about the Jaguars just as much as I am which is important for something like this. And, as we all can see, he’s a great writer too. Nice job on your first article Justin!

  • John Sirera

    How much should the Jags commit towards upgrading their inside linemen so as to have room for other key positions?

    • Jacob Yurdakul

      It depends on who they target and where they value them at. If we go after someone like Alex Mack it will be a higher cap hit than if we got a younger less proven player who could be ore affordable yet not a sure thing. BUt we have plenty of cap room so I think Caldwell will make a smart decision.

  • Madison Fortin

    Yo Richie Incognito is looking for a job and a fresh start. #pick ’em up #freeteachey

  • Eric Walker

    Well written article cuz. I think we should steer our view away from offensive line to quarterback. I mean I hope we can get something better than sunshine from remember the titans and the dolphins reject. We need some Bortles Combat down here in DUUUUUVVALL!

  • Brenda Taylor

    Great Article! The Jags are going all the way next year! #bestuniformsintheNFL <3

  • Scott Gould

    Nice article. This team is a few pieces away from being successful in the near future. I look forward to watching this team become a consistent playoff team.

    • Justin Lemminn

      Thanks Scott! Im excited to see the future as well. Definitely headed in the right direction!

  • Mike Hawk

    Screw the Jags! Titans till I die!!!

    • Madison Fortin

      Dude be serious. Which rookie QB are jags fans most excited about: Manziel, Bortles or Bridgewater.

  • Madison Fortin

    Dude Mike Hawk be serious. As jaguar fans which rookie QB are you guys most excited about Manziel, Bortles, or Bridgewater?

    • Grant Gunderson

      Out of the Big Three at Quarterback, I’m most excited about Blake Bortles. I love his size, his strong arm, and his ability to extend the play. However, my favorite quarterback to watch, whether or not the Jaguars draft (Which I hope we do, could get him in the 2nd or 3rd round) is Alabama’s A.J. McCarron. He greatly improved his draft stock at the combine and impressed a lot of coaches, GM’s, and scouts. His demeanor and winning ways are something that would be welcome in Jacksonville.

  • Megan Byron

    This is such a good article

  • Fernando Rabel

    I think I’m hard after reading this

  • Laurie Lemminn

    Nice job, Justin! I think anyone can tell that football, especially the Jaguars, is your passion!

  • Darrell Jr. Legett

    Excellent article. I definitely see Alex Mack looking like a potential pick for the jaguars, especially if the browns don’t opt to re-sign him. A two-time probowl candidate that I could for damn sure see replacing Meester under center.

  • Rich Fisher

    With insight that this young writer has, I only hope that Jags management is reading his article.

  • John Pohl

    Well done! If half of that works out it would be great for the Jags!

  • cathy Harrison

    Awesome article. Well written with good positive insight. Hopefully we’ll have a good team soon.

  • Dan Harrison

    I like your thinking. Let’s find those pass rusher in free agency.

  • Arline Lemminn

    Great article with good depth and a terrific appreciation of the sport.Pop-Pop G. would have been proud of you ,he was a wordsmith too.

  • John Leminn

    Terrific article, looks like you did your homework and the product reads well.You might have a career in the making with this one.Good luck with future articles.Proud of you!