Ware deserves a shot at redemption


A lot of talk has been circulating about DeMarcus Ware this offseason. Ware is coming off his worst year in the NFL and is set to make $12 million in 2014.

Now Ware has publicly stated he will not take a pay-cut but would restructure his deal in any way to help the organization that is cap-strapped once again. His comments however rubbed a few pundits the wrong way and many begin to question his overall worth and if time hasn’t about caught up with the perennial pass-rusher.

Some have gone so far as to say it’s time for the Cowboys to part ways with the 32 year old stalemate of the defense. I’m saying don’t be silly folks.

DeMarcus Ware has had a rough two years to say the least, an injury-riddled two seasons that have really upset himself more than anyone else.

All that being said, you don’t cut him loose without having given him a shot at redemption. This is DeMarcus Ware, even at half strength he is better than some team’s best rusher. Ware has been the face of this franchise since Greg Ellis departed and has done nothing but help this team.

Would the Cowboys have made that lone playoff win if not for Ware’s famed sack on Drew Brees in the Superdome? That in itself sealed the victory for the Cowboys and launched them on a run that ended because of the offensive line’s play against Minnesota.

Ware really doesn’t owe this team anything, but I find comfort knowing that he has always been willing to help. The Cowboys cannot cut ties with Ware and they won’t either. Ware is their best pass rusher, and they may be able to find another in this year’s Draft; but not two.

Think about it, do you want to see next year’s squad be a rookie and then George Selvie? Oh please, you and I both know that is ridiculous, much like this conversation.

The fact is that Ware can bounce back and he can do that in a big way. He still has gas left in that tank and I’m going out on a limb and saying that he will return to normalcy in 2014.

Albeit he has his work cut out for him like anyone else, if he were 36 it would be different. You just don’t cut a guy like him without giving him every opportunity to succeed.

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