What if the Seahawks switched places with the Mariners?


Football season is over, but as the most popular sport in America ends the second most popular begins. Baseball is the national pastime, and in Seattle there is no denying that the Mariners are a clear second to the Seahawks. Let’s say the players on the Mariners and Seahawks switched teams and the Mariners became World Series champions; what would the lineup and defense look like? Here’s my fantasy world come to somewhat of a life.

1. Percy Harvin, center field 

With Harvin’s blazing speed it’s a no brainer he would be batting leadoff and playing center field where he can cover the most ground.


2. Richard Sherman, left field 

A majority of major league hitters are right handed, and because of that Sherman will lead the league in home runs robbed.


3. Marshawn Lynch, catcher 

What’s blocking a few balls compared to running into the teeth of an NFL defense?

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