Colts need to make a move for Alex Mack


He is set to be the premier center, and one of the top offensive lineman free agents in the offseason this year. Alex Mack,(and no I am not talking about the secret world of Alex Mack, I am talking about this big hog molly) has been a dominating run blocker since he entered the league out of California University back in 2009.

He was a first round selection for the Cleveland Browns, and has made the Pro Bowl twice in his career(2011,3013). While the plethora of Pro Bowl selections might not be there, Mack is one of the more physical dominating centers in the NFL. He can provide and intimidate impact for the Colts struggling offensive line. Also he will provide great leadership and a big locker room presence.

The Colts have the money to spend, and Mack will be become one of the highest, if not the highest paid center in the NFL. To those who think he may not be worth it think of it this way, an investment in Andrew Lucks long-term health.

So where does Alex Mack rank on our list of Top 10 free agent offensive lineman? CLICK HERE to find out.

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