New York Giants 7-round mock draft: Combine Edition


In the first of what will likely be many, we present you the Combine Edition of our seven-round mock draft for the New York Giants. In the midst of the NFL Combine, we are just now getting some good looks at this year’s draft class. Teams are at work, evaluating potential prospects and preparing themselves for the NFL Draft this May.

For a list of all the players that have met with the Giants, Conor Orr is keeping a great list over at You’ll be pleased to see a number of the big names on the list, but be sure to keep tabs on the ones you don’t know as well.

With all of that said, let’s dive into this mock draft. But remember, there’s still a long road until May. Things can—and will—change.

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  • David

    This would be a very nice draft! Resigning Beason ,and adding an experienced FA CB like Bowman (Chi) would make this work very nicely. Jean-Baptiste would be a beast as the nickel CB while he worked on becoming a bookend to go with Prince. Ebron is just the sort of TE to help Eli too. Eli suffered last season from not having a solid TE. McAdoo I expect will use his talent better than Gil did. I felt like that was Gil’s downfall. He didn’t change things for his personnel. He seemed determined to force square pegs into round holes. Clearly that didn’t work. Jernigan did a lot better when he was isolated one on one going away from the flow. Instead of simply having him trying to run the route tree outside like other wide outs. He’s a bit small for that, and it didn’t play to his strengths. Another 6 ft plus FA WR will also help of course.

  • buljos

    So this mock draft tells me JR must have really scored in Free Agency, signed his own FA Guard Kevin Boothe, and that Snee’s rehab on his two postop hips has been great, and his elbow’s fine so he can work his strength and conditioning program, and he’ll be back to his pro bowl form as RG in 2014. Otherwise JR might have seen the need to take one of the many starting caliber Guards in this draft… you know, the guys who will able to step in and start right away, like David Yankey, and Zack Martin, and Xavier Su’a-Filo, or even the second tier guys like Gabe Jackson, Cyril Richardson, and Trey Hopkins. Because otherwise without FA signings at Guard, this mock draft means the Giants are going with Guards Snee, Brewer, Mosley, Herman, and Goodin in 2014. Drafting only a 4th round Tackle and a 6th round Center isn’t going to protect Eli from A gap pressure with those Guards on the Giants roster, and they will definitely invest in protecting their franchise QB better than they did in 2013.

    • Lou Musto

      I do see them doing some work in FA, though probably not as much as you’re implying. It’d be nice to fix the entire line in one draft, but it’s just not going to happen. A boost at center will help and signing and another guard OR moving Baas over to guard will too. It didn’t work out that way when I mocked it–this is one of many to come, we’re a long way from the draft–but I could see the Giants mixing a guard in there in the second or third round somewhere. They have so many holes on both sides of the football (OL, CB, DT, DE, LB, TE, WR), it’s going to be tough to address everything. Jerry Reese is going to have to do SOMETHING in free agency this year. Otherwise, yea, it could be another rough season at MetLife. Especially for Eli.

  • Tony The Wiz.

    I have Taylor Lewan who is a nasty OT in the first round. Remember Jumbo Elliot. Another Michigan OT. I have them taking Tight End Troy Niklas out of Notre Dame in the 2nd round.

    • Lou Musto

      I like both. A LOT. Giants shouldn’t complain if they get those two; both will be special in the NFL. Niklas’ size and ability as a receiver and blocker is rare among players these days. Would be huge for the Giants in the red zone–and they need it.

  • Tony The Wiz.

    Giants taking Taylor Lewan OT 1st and Troy Niklas TE in 2nd.