Raiders should ignore TE in the draft


The Oakland Raiders could use some help at the tight end position, but not through the NFL Draft. Last week I discussed why the Raiders should take a serious look at signing a free agent tight end. But much for the same reasons, the Raiders should NOT consider drafting a young tight end.

The Raiders have two tight ends who were taken in later rounds last season, one of whom in Mychal Rivera looks as though he is a real talent and could be a contributor for years to come. They also took Nick Kasa, a converted defensive end with some promise and still have a potential elite pass catcher in David Ausberry, a former college wide receiver.

Given the young talent and potential as well as the immense number of holes on the Raiders roster, the team needs to be able to look past some very good talent in this year’s draft. Even if the Raiders find themselves in the position to pick one of the best tight ends in the draft, they cannot afford to spend a pick on that position.

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