5 Reasons Seahawks fans have it better


You may not be a Seahawks fan, but if you’re reading this chances are you’re at least curious. Maybe you have one toe in the water but you’re afraid to jump all the way in. Maybe you’re afraid of being labeled a bandwagon fan because we just won the Super bowl.

Don’t worry about it! The water is warm and our numbers are growing all the time. Being a ‘Hawks fan is one of the best decisions you can make. The San Francisco 49ers like to ask who’s got it better than they do. Well, here’s five reasons why being a Seahawks fan is better.


1.       Be a fan of a team that has fought tooth and nail to be accepted as a worthy franchise. They’ve been that team, far out west that nobody cared about. One of their owners didn’t even care and was ready to make them the Anaheim Seahawks in California. Eight years ago they made their first Super Bowl trip amidst frustration by fans of the original football teams. They were deemed not worthy of making it to the final game of the season – even the refs seemed against them. This year, 37 years after they started, the Seattle Seahawks are number one in the NFL at last.

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  • Xyl

    Excellent article! I’m usually a tepid fan, but the BIG WIN did get my attention. Now I’m leaning towards 12th man fandom so I can have it better!

    • Moira

      Thank you, Xyl! That win was awesome for the current and long-time fans and just what the newer fans needed. Glad you liked it!

  • Robin Blue

    I absolutely loved this article! It hit all the points of what makes the Seahawks so special unlike any other team!

    • Moira

      Thank you Robin! This is what I was hoping to get across. Glad you enjoyed!