NFL Draft: scouting the later rounds


Much of the focus of the 2014 NFL Combine will be on DE Jadeveon Clowney, and rightly so. Clowney is physical specimen, who is coming off a considerably weaker season than his 2012 rampage of the SEC, and who has scouts concerned about his work ethic and attitude as the draft approaches. Many of the Falcon’s faithful will be paying close attention to how he performs not only physically, but perhaps more importantly, during the interviews, as they hope he slips down to the number six position and into our laps.

Beyond the first round pick are those players whose names don’t hold the weight of someone like Clowney, Jake Matthews or Khalil Mack, but someday hope their name will. These players in many ways can make or break the draft. Falcons’ fans need look no further than DE/LB Kroy Biermann, or this past year’s leading receiver Harry Douglas to see the impact that a late round pick can have on any given season. With that said, it’s time to look to past the first two rounds and outline a few potential picks that the Falcons’ front office should consider as the draft approaches.

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