Raiders WR Rod Streater takes to Twitter to help others


The Oakland Raiders have a lot of players who are active on Twitter, giving fans a chance to interact with guys who otherwise seem unreachable. Some guys like Latavius Murray like talking about other interests such as music, Marquette King often shows his love for the Raiders and Raider Nation and Sio Moore is just eclectic with his tweets about anything and everything.

On Monday though, Rod Streater continued a recent trend in using his Twitter account for social good by starting Motivation Monday. Not long ago he announced that he will be starting a non profit to fight cancer and was seen talking with a number of Raiders fans who have been impacted by cancer, myself included. Streater showed a sincere concern for his fans and it was clearly appreciated.

This time, Streater is setting out to encourage his fans by sharing his stories of overcoming adversity and asking others to share theirs as well. Throughout the day, Streater shared some of his stories (below) while also conversing with many fans about the trials and tribulations they have faced.

What Streater is doing may not seem like a big deal, but it is the type of thing that can mean a lot to some people. And if he is able to improve just one person with Motivation Monday, that is still am impressive impact on the world.

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  • TJA

    James: Excellent article containing insight not only to the type of person Streater is but about his determination to overcome the lack of interest at all levels shown toward Streater the football player . As I have stated before, in my opinion this guy ( Streater) is one heck of a WR!! Go Raiders !!