Power Rankings: Where’s Peyton Manning among faces of the franchise in the NFL?


When people think about an NFL team, usually one person immediately jumps to mind. It’s the player, coach or owner who is most immediately identifiable with the club. It’s the person TV networks use in game promos, the team puts on the cover of the media guide and fans blame when things go awry.

It’s the face of the franchise. And every team has one, for better or worse.

Some are a perfect fit, aptly summing up what a team is all about and embodying the fact that the franchise is on the right track. Others are the exact opposite, serving as a prime example of why things continually go off track.

If a team has a good face of the franchise, they are usually in good shape. If they don’t, things are typically ugly. That’s why it matters who represents a team in the hearts and minds of football fans everywhere.

So on that note, the editors at cover32 gathered to grade each of the 32 faces of the franchise in the NFL. To see the full list of who was chosen and where each guy ranks, click here.

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