Seven salty post Super bowl tweets from Doug Baldwin


As I’ve mentioned a couple times before, one of my favorite things about the Seahawks is the chip on their shoulder.

So many of Seattle’s players were underrated and counted out by the so-called “experts.” Russell Wilson dropped to the third round because he was too short. Richard Sherman was passed over until the sixth because he supposedly didn’t have the hands to play corner. These guys have used all that doubt to fuel their inner fire and push them to success. They seem to take it personally when the media and fans of other teams don’t believe they’re for real.

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin probably has the biggest chip on his shoulder of all. He went completely undrafted and since then has been proving that was a terrible mistake. His amazing play in the NFC Championship game put the Seahawks over the top and got them to the Super bowl, but that chip hasn’t shrunken any since. In fact, he may be even more salty than ever.

Baldwin is one of the more active Seahawks on Twitter and he’s not afraid to mix it up and spout off. Here’s seven of Doug’s saltiest tweets since he became a Super bowl champion.

Doug isn’t afraid to show off some flash, either.

He’s not all snark and salt though. Doug still knows how to have fun.

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  • Dennis Shimmel

    Hey ; Doug – You are my favorite Hawks Player- Plaes keep it right and real !!!!