Should Atlanta trade up for Jadeveon Clowney?


Jadeveon Clowney put on a show at the NFL combine. There are surely a lot of fans out there hoping he somehow ends up in a Falcon’s uniform. After his stellar work out, it’s going to cost the Falcons more than what they may feel comfortable with. Many are now asking if the Falcons should move up in the order to pick up Clowney. Frankly, Atlanta would gamble their present and future by doing so. With the turmoil of last season, the team simply cannot afford to go all in right now. In case you missed it, Jadeveon Clowney is really good. There is no denying that. Actually, that may be a bit of an understatement. He may be the most physically gifted prospect in draft history. He changes the dynamic of any game just by stepping onto the field. This is all pretty common knowledge, so i won’t bore you with anymore measurements or statistics. Okay, just one (I can’t help myself). He put up a 4.53 40 time at the combine. At 266 lbs! We know he is absurdly talented. The only question to ask is where will he be talented.

Let me start by setting the scene in Atlanta. The Falcons are still licking their wounds after a 4-12 season. They were decimated by injuries and underperformance. Going into the draft, there is still a lot missing. The offensive line is in shambles, there still isn’t a pass rush, and even the skill positions are a question mark, due to the retirement of Tony Gonzalez and injuries to Julio Jones and Roddy White.

In Atlanta, Clowney could become a force. If he reaches his potential, he could dominate the pass rush like no other. The Falcons could build around him, creating an explosiveness on defense equal to that of the offense. Mike Nolan loves athletic, versatile players. None is more so that Clowney. A game changer is needed on defense. Atlanta could quickly return to super bowl favorites by building a young defense around an elite pass rusher.

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  • Jim

    Do NOT trade up. The Falcons need every draft pick they can get and then some. This draft has too many good players to be giving up draft picks. We can get a great player @ #6 and don’t need for that pick to be Clowney to be successful. And, by retaining the # 37 pick, (2nd round) another top player can be had. If the Falcons decide to make a trade it should be to move down. I like the idea of sticking with #6 as I feel a 10 year pro bowl caliber talent should be available (Mack, possibly Robinson, Matthews, Lewan, Nix, and a couple more).