Harrison Smith as a key defensive player, Matt Cassel, and a stud O-lineman?


1. The Vikings are apparently meeting with Matt Cassel, at least according to Rick Spielman. Do they actually have a chance at bringing him back? Joe-Glenwood, MN

The question is, should they bring him back. But to answer your question Joe, I’m not necessarily sure that they do have a chance. Matt Cassel is a 31 year old quarterback. That is considered to be the backside of a quarterback’s prime. He wants to start. I think he would start with the Vikings. In my personal opinion, I think he’s a better option that Christian Ponder. But how long would he be a starter with the Vikings? Not long. Does he have a better chance at getting a longer-term deal with another team? Probably. Especially with the possibility of Minnesota drafting another quarterback this year.

2. Harrison Smith is my favorite player on the Vikings. If he stays healthy can he be the guy that the Vikings build a secondary around? Jess-Hopkins, MN

IF he can stay healthy, which I assume he can because he’s young, and that’s always a question with any NFL player, yes, I do. Although he only had two interceptions in 2013, he had a pair of TD’s his rookie year, as well as three interceptions. In a secondary that was atrocious, the worst in the NFL, he was the star in the secondary, even with injuries. If Minnesota can get him a supporting cast in the defensive backfield next season, he could easily excel. If not, he won’t do anything because offenses will avoid him.

3. What did you think of Taylor Lewan at the combine? Emily-Duluth, MN

Other than the fact that he was a Michigan Wolverine, (go Sparty), when you are 300+ pounds and run a 4.87 40, that is what we consider to be a “freak”. I think his 40 yard time is impressive, but entering the combine is like studying for an ACT. You’re prepared and in the best shape of your life. What can he do on the field? How fast can he get down field to block? I was impressed, yes. But can he stop an oncoming defensive end with 4.7 speed with the ability to turn the corner? And can he stay out of trouble after his alleged assault charges? But he was the Big 10 offensive lineman of the year, which is no joke. He needs to improve instincts and techniques, I think he could mature into a stellar offensive lineman.

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