Is Billy Bajema the best tight end the Baltimore Ravens have ever drafted?


No…but only because he wasn’t drafted by the Ravens.

Alright that’s laughable as well.

Bajema’s only true connection with the best tight end draft pick is the fact he wore 86 for Baltimore.

As with most Super Bowl winners, the Baltimore Ravens offseason in 2001 saw them lose a number of key players from their team. Left and right, other NFL franchises picked away at the championship roster and left a number of holes to fill in the draft. So what does Ozzie Newsome do? With his first round pick he takes Todd Heap, despite the presence of Shannon Sharpe still on the roster. Best player available, as always.

Heap’s rookie year saw him sit the bench, only bringing in just sixteen catches in twelve games. After that year of mentorship under Sharpe though, Heap was set loose. Sharpe went back to Denver, and Heap became more than what most Ravens fans could ever expect. For the next nine years Heap’s name echoed throughout Ravens Stadium after every catch. He became the safety net for a number of quarterbacks, making even Kyle Boller look great at times.

Heap finished his career with 499 catches and 49 touchdowns. Not bad for a guy who wasn’t even needed by the Ravens when he was drafted.

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