Mailbag: Can Von Miller return to 2012 form?

Von Miller
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Welcome back to our weekly, Wednesday mailbag, Denver Broncos fans!

Yes, it’s the offseason, but you still have questions and we have answers, so let’s get to it.

This is a great question, Mike. Can Miller return to his 2012 form? The short answer is, yes. But will he?

Miller was amazing in 2012, blowing by offensive tackles with sensational speed for a massive man, making some of the best in the game look silly along the way. In fact, Miller was so special in 2012, he was in the running for Defensive Player of the Year, an accolade that ended up going to J.J. Watt despite the fact that Miller filled up more of the stat line – he had an interception and touchdown – than Watt.

Part of the reason he was so effective was the fact that there was little game film on Miller, 2012 being his second season. Now there are two full years worth of film, plus part of nine games from last year, meaning his tendencies may be easier to figure out.

Still, we did see glimpses of the old, sack-dancing and “eating greedy” Miller in 2013, especially against the New England Patriots. No. 58 sacked Tom Brady twice in the first quarter, forcing a fumble the Broncos jumped on that allowed them to jump out to the 24-0 lead. Of course, Denver squandered that lead and lost, but it wasn’t due to Miller’s effort.

Something tells me – maybe it’s John Elway saying he’s grown up – that Miller will be extra hungry for sacks and performing at the highest level in the Mile High City this season. He wants to put all that past nonsense behind himself, to be loved in the eyes of fans again and to be considered one of the game’s greats; he’ll work very hard this offseason and be back to dominant form in 2014.

Since Mike is the only one who responded to our need for questions, he gets on for a second one.

We’ve already talked about this a bit, and, no, Brock Osweiler isn’t the future of the quarterback position. Neither is Zac Dysert. Osweiler is tall and lanky like Peyton Manning, but 6’8” might be just a little too tall; his release is long and takes a while to follow through. Though, he did show some life in that arm during the preseason. It must be kept in mind that it was against No. 2 and No. 3 players, and in an exhibition contest.

Maybe the bigger question about Brock: Will John Elway be able to admit they reached on him and eventually let him go?

We’ll see, but ditching Tim Tebow for Manning made a big statement: Elway isn’t going to run a team with a mediocre player at the most important position of quarterback.

That’s exciting for Broncos fans.

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