Mailbag: NFL Combine overblown; Cam Jordan or Junior Galette?


In this week’s mailbag, Travis Dauro discusses the importance of the NFL combine and the potential for a Saints’ logo change.

1.) Is the NFL Combine a good evaluation of pro potential or is it overblown?

Personally I don’t think the Combine can necessarily hurt someone’s draft stock unless they post a terrible number in the 40-yard dash.  But even then, a 40 time simply measures straight-line speed as opposed to directional speed and agility, which to me is more telling of a player. I do think, however, that good Combine numbers can force teams to at least take a second look at a player. I think mid-round players that had great combines, like quarterback AJ McCarron and tight end Arthur Lynch for example, definitely improved their position taken in the draft. So to answer the question more directly, I think that the whole Combine noise is a bit overblown, but it surely doesn’t need to be looked over.

2.) Who has a better 2014: Cam Jordan or Junior Galette?

This is a really tough question to answer because both players are so talented and each had such a great year in 2013. However, I’m going to have to go with Junior Galette for one big reason. When the Saints got hit with a few injuries in their front seven prior to the 2013 season (Victor Butler and Kenyon Coleman to name a couple), Rob Ryan put the 3-4 scheme on hold and the Saints ended up playing more of a 4-3 hybrid. This allowed for both Cam Jordan and Junior Galette to get equal turns at rushing the passer. In 2014 the Saints should switch transition into more of a 3-4 – assuming that they are healthy enough – and Galette would be used more as the pass rushing specialist while Cam Jordan would primarily playing to stop the run at defensive end.

3.) If the Saints were FORCED to change their logo, what should they change it to and why?

Now this is a question that would probably drive Saints fans crazy! The fleur de lis is something that has always been associated with the Saints because of the French ties to New Orleans. I’m not quite sure what exactly it could be changed to just because of the historical account, but I would be willing to say that the Saints secondary mascot, Gumbo, could somehow be a finalist to make it on the new logo. If you don’t know who Gumbo is, he’s the dog that runs around and made himself famous by getting destroyed by Reggie Bush after the NFC Championship victory in 2009.

4.) Better New Orleans delicacy: Gumbo or a Po-Boy?

Again, another tough question here, but I’ll have to lean towards the gumbo. I’ve had some pretty good Po-Boys in regions away from New Orleans, but I’ve never had gumbo that tastes anywhere close to as good as gumbo from either New Orleans or the southern Mississippi area. Those guys and gals down there just know how to do special things to food period, though.

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