Mailbag: What will the New York Giants offense look like in 2014?


The NFL offseason is heating up. The Combine has come and gone, and before we know it, the NFL Draft will be here. It’s a great time to be an NFL fan, even if there aren’t any games to watch on Sundays at the moment.

In this week’s mailbag, we field a question that wonders how the New York Giants offense will operate in 2014 and what the team will look to do in the draft and through free agency to improve on that side of the ball.

Do you think Tom C will allow Ben McAdoo to call the plays he wants or force him to play to Tom’s Old School Mentality balanced Offense?

I think we have the talent if we can get some protection for Eli Manning I would love to see what he can do with McAdoo calling the shots. In 2011 Manning was 67 yards away from cracking 5,000 yards passing. I think if you Draft a TE or WR in round 1 and then sign someone in Free Agency this offense can be as scary as Green Bay. Manning only has so many good years left in the tank and the team hasn’t went out in the Off season to get him help since signing Plaxico. Trying to predict the Draft is impossible since we draft BPA and not position but there is tons of talent in the Free Agent pool who won’t break the bank at almost every position we need to address.
– Keith

While I do believe Coughlin will provide his input to Ben McAdoo in regards to the offense, I don’t think they went out and hired a new coordinator just for him to listen to Coughlin. They like what McAdoo brings to the table and they believe he’ll be able to help their offense improve in 2014.

Coughlin said as much in his press conference this weekend at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He noted that while he’ll have some say, McAdoo is the go-to guy for the offense and will make all final decisions.

I think this will be a good thing for the offense. Coughlin is a good offensive mind, but McAdoo’s innovative ideas could really shake things and break up the monotonous playcalling opposing defenses caught on to when Kevin Gilbride was calling the shots the last few seasons. Many are expecting a “West Coast” offense, but Coughlin wouldn’t go that far, simply calling the offense a scheme that will try to go vertical and take advantage of opportunities down the field; that plays right into Eli Manning’s wheelhouse.

I agree with the sentiment that the Giants should look to draft a tight end or wide receiver early—much to the chagrin of a lot of fans. The Giants need offensive line help, and they’ll get it, whether that be through free agency or in the middle rounds of the draft. Great interior line players can be had throughout the draft, Jerry Reese just needs to do his homework.

With Hakeem Nicks on his way out though, the Giants will need another offensive weapon. Even if they believe in Jerrel Jernigan, adding a dynamic tight end like Eric Ebron in the draft would give them a lethal threat down the seam with superb athleticism. Paired with playmakers Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle and David Wilson (assuming he can get healthy) just doesn’t sound very fair for opposing defenses.

With so many needs, the Giants will have no choice but to do some work in free agency. How much is tough to pinpoint, but they simply won’t be able to remedy all of their problems with six selections in an unpredictable draft. However, the G-Men are rarely big players in free agency, so they may not target any of the top available players with the exception of their own (Jon Beason, Justin Tuck and Stevie Brown).

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