Raiders Mailbag: Murder cover-ups, the Raider identity and more


Tons of Oakland Raiders questions today and far too many to get to. Thanks to everyone on Twitter for some great stuff. Let’s get to it!

This question is still cracking me up. First and foremost, it should be noted that any NFL contract will have a clause to get out of paying a murderer like Hernandez. So the money is not the issue, for me, it is the value on the field. Jennings had a great year but not one worthy of going to jail as an accomplice. Now, had Ray Lewis been playing for the Raiders and needed me to help him hide his white suit…. I mean no, I would never break the law Mr. NSA man (they’re always listening….)

The Raiders definitely need to add cornerbacks to the roster, but I am not sure the draft is where they will do it. After taking DJ Hayden in the first round last year, they will likely give him a serious look at some major playing time this season. I also fully expect them to sign at least one cornerback in free agency as well as likely bringing back Tracy Porter. That leaves room to maybe take a CB in a later round.

I agree. The thing that stuck out to me the most was his admiration of the Seattle Seahawks defense and how they play football in the traditional Raider way. He may be open to a new style of defense with more blitzing than Al Davis would have ever been ok with, but I do believe he wants to see a dominant defense in Oakland. That, by the way, is what I am desperately hoping for as well.

EVERYONE! Just kidding. Kinda. Reggie McKenzie will take a look at everyone who can help the team, that I do not doubt. I imagine he will make one or two decent sized signings early in free agency (maybe a former Packer like BJ Raji or Sam Shields??) but then do his normal ritual of sitting back and letting things play out so that prices drop. As for Houston and Veldheer? Same deal with Veldheer I believe he is waiting for negotiating purposes. As for Houston, he may price himself out of Oakland unless they use the franchise tag on him.

I guess that depends on who the credit is coming from. There are fans in Raider Nation who give too much credit and ones who give far too little credit. As for the coaching staff, which is what really matters, I think he got the credit he deserved. They spoke very highly of him and gave him a lot of playing time despite his status as an undrafted free agent. But they have also been very realistic with the fact that while he has played admirably, he has not played well enough to justify giving him the reigns.

First off, I completely agree that if Veldheer walks, the number five pick has to be spent on one of the two stud offensive tackles. Personally I like Robinson but you really cannot go wrong with either one. That being said, the Raiders may not have a choice at number five because one could very well go in the first four picks.

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