Top 10 FA defensive linemen


The free agent market has a number of useful and valuable DLs. Check out Cover 32’s top 10 list here.

Cincinnati Bengals

The defensive front is an area the Cincinnati Bengals will not just be looking to pick up one of the guys on this list, but they will look to keep what they had last season. Michael Johnson is currently a free agent. Cincinnati will need to put a move on re-signing Johnson, unless they plan to go with someone else at the second defensive end spot. Michael Johnson just finished his fifth year in the NFL, all of which he played for the Bengals. In those five years the Georgia Tech graduate registered 26.5 sacks, along with 25 pass deflections. He was a key element on Cincinnati’s dominant defense in 2013, and if the Bengals are going to replace Johnson they will need to find a really good alternative.



The first free agent that jumps to mind is Jared Allen. Allen is a proven beast up front. Even at age 31 and coming off his 11th NFL season, Jared Allen is one of the most respected and ¬†feared defensive ends this league has had in some time. His 128.5 career sacks speaks for itself. Allen is a veteran is this league, and one of the greatest we have seen play the position. He has been the best player on one of the NFL’s best defensive fronts for many years.

The biggest thing Jared Allen can bring to Cincinnati is leadership. With that leadership comes a winning attitude. Jared wants to win a Super Bowl now more than ever, and joining a dominant Cincinnati Bengals defense would put him a better position than he has been in recent years. With Jared Allen playing opposite Carlos Dunlap the Cincinnati Bengals will become even more dangerous off the edge. Quarterbacks will really be on their toes when facing this defense.


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