Top 10 free agent defensive linemen for the Cleveland Browns


Jared Allen, B.J Raji and Greg Hardy are just a few of the stalwarts on this list. Sure age may be a disadvantage for a few of these free agents but it’s a list of very recognizable names that will make free agency fun when the time finally comes in March. The Browns have some options already at the position but they need to improve their pass rush (and really their entire team).

Buck Stanton and the cover32 staff put together this list of top 10 free agent defensive linemen and I want YOU to tell me who you would most like to see in Browns’ gear in September. Greg Hardy would be a dream but his asking price may be too extreme for the Browns and someone like Henry Melton (former Chicago Bear) may just be the more affordable answer. To see the top 10 list click HERE! ┬áPlease comment with your thoughts on who would be the best fit in Cleveland.

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